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  美国派斯宝勒大陆投资公司 资产管理业务。委托人将自己的资产交给受托人、由受托人为委托人盘活资产,保值增值,并最终按约定返还委托人本金及收益。委托人可以是个人,也可以是机构组织。资产管理业务的一般运作程序如下:
Assets management business refers to that, the client hands his own assets to the trustee, the trustee preserves and increases the value of the assets for the client, and ultimately returns the principal and the revenue to the client in accordance with an agreement. The client can be an individual, or an institution. The general operation procedures of asset management business are as follows:
(1)审查客户申请,要求其提供相应的材料及文件,并结合有关的法律限制决定是否接受其委托。美国派斯宝勒大陆投资公司 如个人委托人应具有完全民事行为能力,机构委托人合法设立并有效存续,对其所委托资产拥有合法所有权。

(4)返还本金及收益。委托期满后,按照资产委托管理协议要求,美国派斯宝勒大陆投资公司 在扣除受托人应得管理费和报酬后,将本金和收益返还委托人。
(1) Review the customer’s request, the customer should provide the corresponding documents, and combine with the relating legal restrictions to decide whether to accept the commission. If the individual client, he should have full civil capacity, institutional client should be established legally and have effective existence, and have the legal ownership of the assets. 
(2) Sign the assets entrustment management agreement. In the agreement, the amount of the entrusted funds, the entrusted period, income distribution, the rights and obligations of both parties, such items should be made specific provisions. 
(3) Manage operation. When the funds become available, it can start 美国派斯宝勒大陆投资公司 operation. In the operation, separate accounts should be managed, with separate accounting, customers’ funds should not be misappropriated, and the proceeds of customers should be guaranteed. At the same time, should also comply with the legal restrictions and prevent investment risks. 
(4) Return principal and income. After expiration of the entrustment, in accordance with the requirements of assets entrusted management agreement, after deducting the due management fees and reward of the trustee, the principal and revenue will be returned to the client.